Show your Android Apps

I’m curious to see who actually has Android Apps in the Android Marketplace that were produced with Juce.

Please share your links.

Were there really no responses to this post?

Either companies are secretive and don’t want to share, or there are really just not that many apps for Android.

I know there are some out there! I think a combination of not wanting to share and not noticing this post might be the reason…

Here are a few:

ROLI has NOISE for Android:

Modal Electronics has released Craft:

Stagelight by Open Labs:

Remixvibes by Mixvibes:

This one I think is powered by JUCE too but not 100% sure:

Thanks so much for the post. Interesting enough, I don’t see any of the vendors requiring specific devices for low latency Audio/MIDI, so it seems they are using some type of proprietary SDK for low latency. Or Android folks just deal with the latency and understand it is a part of the infrastructure.