Android Projucer icon greyed out

Hi, I’m pretty sure I followed the tutorial ‘Getting started with Android Studio’ but I have the Android icon greyed out on the Projucer. And the ‘Save Project and open in IDE’ doesn’t respond
I’ve installed Android studio, and the none of the paths are in red in Projucer.
Has anybody any ideas on what might be causing this?

Can you try opening Android Studio manually, selecting “Import Project (Gradle, …)” from Android Studio’s startup dialog and then select the Android folder from you JUCE project’s Builds folder.

Yes. Thanks for the reply.
I now get this on ‘make project’:

“Error:A problem occurred configuring project ‘:app’.
Unable to get the CMake version located at: E:\Android\cmake\bin”

The Android folder is the SDK.
Every else in the Projucer is left as default and the minimum sdk is 27, toolset is 27.0.0.I’ve tried other values.

OK I’m just grabbing CMAKE from the tools manager…

Well, that took ages to figure out, wading through all the new terminology. I have the ‘hello world’ GUI app.’ running on the emulator and my phone.

I still have the greyed out Android icon on Projucer though. How can I fix this?

Android Studio seems a little unstable at times, and I’m never sure if I have to wait for something to finish, or if it’s just crashed on me.

Where do you have Android Studio installed? The Projucer is expecting to find it in /Applications/Android on Mac and C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio on Windows and will disable the export button if it can’t find it.

Interesting, thanks for the info.
I put Studio on my E: drive as my SSD C drive has very little memory left.
Can I change the Projucer default search directory?

No, not currently. Could be a useful thing to add though, I will add it to the backlog.


Great thanks, that would help us Windows users loads. You can’t presume everything is on the C: drive.
Can you please tell me, does that import procedure do exactly the same thing as the projucer button?

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Provided that you save the project in the Projucer before opening it manually in Android Studio, yes.

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…and don’t forget, that save does a different thing, if you have the cursor in a code document.
I always use the “Save project” from the menu to be sure…

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Yes, thanks Daniel!

Very useful.

My C drive is also full so I keep Android Studio on F drive. Being able to set this in Projucer will be very useful.

OK, this should be on develop shortly with commit bf8adbc.