Any of you managed to use Sparkle with JUCE on OSX? Do please give whatever tips you may have!


I initially posted on the introjucer sub-forum regarding sparkle (

But then I realized I'd run into a whole lot more trouble in trying to get Sparkle to work, given it is cocoa objective-c or whatever, and all I've done this far in my life is C++ in visual studio, so all this mac-specific lingo is completely new to me :)

So, I'll keep plowing on, but in the meanwhile, if it is easy for any of you to point me in the right direction of how I can get sparkle working as quickly as possible in my Juce software on OSX, I'd greatly appreaciate it, and it will save me from a ton of learning mac-stuff!

There's only one older post on here on the topic, but I'm none the wiser after reading it (

I found an example that achieves something similar for QT (, but the QT world is a whole other set of lingo I'm not familiar with, so I thought i'd still ask!


I’ve been trying to use Squirrel & Nuts, which also has windows support. Still figuring it out though :frowning: