API Docs for Drag and Drop changes

I am trying to understand the changes you did to DragandDrop based off of the forum threads. It is of little help. Where did the API docs that used to be inside the ‘juce/docs’ folder go? The html page in that folder directs me here: (http://www.rawmaterialsoftware.com/juce/api/classDragAndDropTarget.html), but that is the old way of doing it. Are there any API docs on the new DragandDrop functions? Can you shed some light on this please? I am using the latest tip. I am trying to update my D&D code so it works with the latest tip.


Hmm, I usually look at the classes .h file as Jules seems to keep these up-to-date with changes, and he usually has quite a bit of useful information and examples in there. So yah, if you don’t see the docs proper, in my experience, the comments in the headers have indeed been updated, but maybe just not generated into the API docs.

Also, looking at the git changelog http://juce.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=juce/juce;a=commit;h=f4c4f310e1797886ae2f82a6f71b17d3f62d616a, it looks like Jules updated the Drag and Drop demo, so you might want to check that out as an example. Cheers

All the API docs are generated directly from the header file comments, so all the info you need is in the code, just not in HTML. But we’re all hardcore programmers, right? We don’t need no stinking HTML for our documentation, do we!?

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It’s useful to browse the html when you don’t know what you’re looking for… the search function doesn’t seem to work, by the way. [EDIT - it seems to today. The other day, everything I entered came up blank]

The code, and the comments in it are the best for implementation, but when looking for ‘what might Jules have made to deal with this problem?’ sort of thing, html is nice. Actually - if you do get to sprucing up the docs, it would nice to view them in the same way as the folder structure, so there would be, say, a web page with links to the different container classes.

It also differentiates juce from the libraries with almost no docs. They are a huge pain - you can’t even tell if they would be worth investigating, let alone learning. I tend to just pass on those.