API webpages color usage


Am I the only one that finds the new Huckleberry (purple) usage on the API pages hard to read? Too dark in contrast to the black background.

My 2 cents.


You’re not alone. Same for some forum CSS. Click on any character name to see their profile in a small pop-up. Black text on black background. Genius.


Was also discussed here:


To me, having read API docs for 15+ years, it’s like a book with New Times Roman, it may seem dull and boring but it’s easy and familiar to read. Developers grow a huge amount of muscle memory from colors as well as placement in text where you can scan really fast.

Their background and text are counter intuitive to our (I am sure most) natural reading of technical information.

I can pretty much bet, they will not sell more licenses of JUCE just because the API has fancy colors that are coordinated with the release. :slight_smile:


Please bring back the standard doyxgen generated docs. Host them on github so you don’t have to disrupt the look and feel of the JUCE website.


Anyone listening on this?

Purple on dark gray is simply not readable! And the thin font in dull white is also not readable.