New JUCE Website Documentation Text Colour

Just a suggestion, would it be better to use a more readable colour on the new website for the function arguments? Yellow on a light grey background is not the easiest of things to read (Just an example below). Other than that, the new site is great!



I concur. The only way I’m going to be able to use the new documentation is by overriding the CSS with the Stylebot extension in Chrome. However, aside from that font color, it’s a lot better than the previous version, so thanks very much!

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OK, we’ve changed it, but it could take up to 24 hours for the cache to update.


Great, looks terrific! Just the “abstract” with white on yellow is a bit tricky to read:



I’m sure this is obvious to most folks, but just in case: if you install Doxygen on your system you can generate local HTML versions of the JUCE docs that are styled exactly as you want and are available with zero latency even without a network connection.

Thanks for the suggestion. I might have to try that, as my eyes are still bleeding from looking at the purple text on white.

any particular stylebot theme that you have found works well? I am tired of squinting at the current juce css style.

It was two years ago that I posted that comment; they’ve changed the formatting since then. I don’t even have Stylebot enabled any longer.

That said, I didn’t use any particular theme—I just changed the font color to something I liked.