New API reference colour scheme

Nice work on integrating the API reference into the site.

I dont know if I'm just used to the Doxygen stye, but I'm finding the new colour scheme is making it harder to read/navigate the docs.  I think also the site header at the top is confusing, as I'm used to seeing the whole browser window as the API reference. 

Also, for consistency the search results should be styled the same (they still show in the Doxygen default colours).

Completely agree with you - I've been inverting my screen colours to read the new API reference. The new layout etc is great and easy to use, just the colour scheme of orange on black really hurts my eyes and is a strain to try and read. I would definitly vote for a lighter colour scheme or alternative colour scheme please.

We'll be having a big re-branding of the website in a couple of months when we do the V4 launch, and I'm sure our graphic designers will come up with some beautiful designs for that!

In the meantime we just wanted to get the new tutorials and docs out, so we stuck to the current scheme.

Thank you very much for the feedback, I'll make a note of this and discuss it with the team. :)

Looks great !

Maybe listing the class members in alphabetical order (at least as an option) would be helpful. I always found it unnecessarily hard to find members in lengthy member list of a class. Also when searching for a class or method, I find it annoying to have to click several times to reach the target. Maybe hitting return <CR> would go directly to the class definition as spelled in the search box in case it exists and is unique.

my 2 cents...

I am also struggling with the API Reference color scheme on the new site and decided to try and generate it locally. I created a juce.doxygen file with the default settings and pointed it at the JuceLibraryCode source directory.

Almost done except for one detail: on the Class Index most of the classes are shown twice - with and without the juce namespace.

Example, first lines appearing on the Class Index:

AbstractFifo (juce)
AcidChunk (juce::WavFileHelpers)
AcidChunk (WavFileHelpers)
ActionBroadcaster (juce)
ActionListener (juce)

If I only could get rid of these duplicates...

Maybe if some of you with more advanced doxygen knowledge can point me in the right direction - or even if the dev team could share their doxygen file - that would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance





I also agree with the thread poster. The new orange/black colour scheme is harder to read.


Hi all,

Regarding the new colour scheme: yes we heard you. Please be patient, there will be a big update of the website with an improved redesign not too far in the future.

For everybody who wants to generate the Doxygen API reference themselves for offline use: I just added the possibility to do so. If you update to the newest tip, you will find a new juce/doxygen subfolder with everything you need, like the Doxyfile. Please follow the instructions in juce/doxygen/README.txt.

@Rui Gominho: this should also get rid of your "the classes are shown twice" problem.


Thank you very much Timur!