Application design - how?

What i’d like to ask is how to properly design an application, in C++. I know c++ in some degree, i wrote some stuff but none of this was ever useful, becasue i got stuck somewhere in the middle of writing the code. The code gos messy abd hard to extend/expand. I know that there are special ways to design applications like UML, i never had the education for a proper developer, i’m a system admin and the sort of “admin thinking” often makes me write bad code.

Anyway are there any good ways to begin, i know what i want to write, have the time and would like to finish this time. This will be a simple app, but you have to learn to crawl to start walking later. Ofcurse i want to do it using JUCE.

Any advice, links to books, methods anything will be very helpful.


look at JUCE and learn.

Notice how classes strive to do one thing and do it well.

If you are creating spaghetti code, you’re probably failing to clearly separate UI from function, and/or allowing functions or objects to handle too many responsibilities.

Take a look at a great little book called “Design Patterns”.