ApplicationProperties and Intellisense with Visual Studio 2013



I generate a project with introjucer 3.0 for visual studio 2013.

Inside a class I declare

ApplicationProperties myApplication;


2 cases:


1) I generate the project with a local copy of JUCE modules.

    Everything works fine. 100%


2) I generate the same project without a local copy of JUCE modules.

    Then, inside visual studio 2013, intellisense shows ApplicationProperties is not declared.

    Then, every reference to 'myApplication' makes intellisense being idle.

    If I open the file Juce_Application_properties.h:

in the part:    

class JUCE_API  ApplicationProperties


​ApplicationProperties appears as if it's wrong (uncomplete type it's said).

But when I compile my program, I get 0 errors and my program works.


It's really a mystery and it occurs only on this class. 

Any Idea?


Ah, the mysteries of Intellisense.. I've always found it to be pretty random as to whether or not it works.

Intellisense does not handle unity builds very well; expect the Intellisense Errors system to constantly give you false reports.

Because I find that real-time error system a nuisance, I always disable the damned thing...


Yes of course seems obvious the problem is from visual studio.

So I could get around the problem.

Introjucer uses a relative path to Juce modules (and it's right) but Intellisense

seems dislike relative path too deep. (as ../../../../../.......).

So I used an absolute path to Juce modules and now everything are right.

A tip, Visual Assist from Whole Tomato Software. Intellisense can't event touch it. I started using it like 10 years ago, now I cannot live without it :)

+1 for VA! also a 10+ year user, and it's always so painful to not have it.. so many great features, like  'alt-shift-o' brings up a open file dialog for only the files in your project, and the list shrinks as you type. Great for opening files with long names. :)