ARADemoPlugin: not working on ARM64?

Hi, I’ve built the ARAPluginDemo on my M1 Mac but it seems like it doesn’t work. When I launch the plugin I get this message:

ARA host isn’t detected. This plugin only supports ARA mode”.

The ARAPluginDemo build works well on Rosetta.
Isn’t ARM64 supported on Silicon ?

ARA SDK version: 2.1.0
Juce version: 7.0.0
Xcode version: 13.2.1

Thanks !

which DAW?

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Reaper 6.53.0 but I will update it right now and see how it runs, I have just read I need 6.54 or upper version of Reaper to make it work…

EDIT : Yup that was the problem, thank you !

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