ASIO device getting called with DSound APIs?



I get the list of devices based on device type ASIO, and I select my ASIO device. However, during debugging when I step through a function, I land on the DSound API and not the ASIO API. The ASIO API has been compiled in since I can stop at code under the macro JUCE_WIN32 && JUCE_ASIO.

Anyone else run into this problem? I am looking to get the correct number of input channels which should be 4 for my device, but I keep on getting 2 and that’s when I started to step through. Do I need to do more plumbing than

devMgr.setAudioDevice(“ASIO device name”, 0, 0, 0, 0, true);

numberOfInputChannels = devMgr.getCurrentAudioDevice()->getActiveInputChannels().countNumberOfSetBits();

it is the getActiveInputChannels call that lands me in DSound.


Well, presumably your device supports both APIs, and you’re opening the DSound one instead of ASIO…