Assertion in Projucer debugging

I am facing an issue with latest Projucer on my machine Windows 10 x64, VS2017 Community.
Build ends with success but there is an File assertion during debugging.
What i noticed later in other projects Projucer does not detect relative Global path i.e. “…\JUCE\modules” and i need to use absolute path each time.
I think it can result in hard to solve errors in my future projects.
So, my question is whether anyone had the same issue and resolved it? Maybe it is something wrong with my system setup or smth.
Thank you.

It would be helpful if you could post the actual assertion you are hitting and a screenshot of the call stack, but it sounds like the problem here is that you are trying to use relative paths for the “Global Paths” settings. These should be absolute as they will be saved in a global settings file for the machine you are using, so using a relative path doesn’t make much sense - what would the path be relative to? You could have multiple instances of the Projucer in different locations but they would all be using the same relative path, which would be wrong. Better to explicitly specify where the modules, JUCE folder, SDKs etc. are located.

Hi, please find screen shots below.

Yeah, like I said above - you should use absolute paths for your global paths.

Ok, thank you.