AU / .component problem


I am writing a program using JUCE that reads midi messages, and sends out serial messages to an RGB LED strip via serial. I have built the program as a standalone app, and now need to convert it into an AU so it can be used as a plugin/instrument from within logic.

The plan is to get the JUCE audio plugin demo working, then strip it out and re-assemble my code within it.

I have downloaded the Jucer etc, and am building the audio plugin demo for AudioUnit only, which provides me with "JuceDemoPlugin.component" in the debug folder for the demo project. (Xcode 5.0.2)

I have then placed .component file into my components folder HD>Library>Audio>Plug-Ins>Components. It must be the correct folder, as the working plugin .component files that I own are all in there too. 

For some reason the plugin is not read from Logic or AU Lab. It is neither scanned for or visible.

Does anyone know what could be the problem?


Thanks very much



I'd start by checking the architecture.  Having a 64-bit binary but running AU Lab in 32-bit mode (or vice versa) is a leading cause of silent failure.

Also, as far as I know the introducer should arrange for Xcode to automatically copy the .component file into your home folder /User/blah/Library/Audio ....  If you copy it manually to the system folder you may end up with two copies which will  confuse things :)