AU not loading in select Hosts?

I've been having divergent results with the AU version of PhaseRaise, a mini-plugin that I'm hoping to have up on my site in the next couple days. From the testing I've conducted, the Mac VST & Windows VST 32/64bit all work well & load in all the hosts I have access to, but the AU build is very inconsistant.

       On my computer, Mac OSX 10.9.1:

•The AU validates and loads fine on Logic Pro 9.1.8, Ableton Live 9.1.1, Izotope RX 3, Reaper 4.55

•The AU does not load in DSP Qauttro (Although the VST opens fine), nor any of the JUCE plug-ins (including the demo) for that matter. All other AU plug-ins open fine.

     On other computers:

•The AU does not validate on my friend's system (Mac OSX Lion, Logic Pro 9.1.5)

•The AU works on my brother's System (Mac OSX 10.9.1, Garageband) Garageband doesn't use auVal, though, to my knowledge.

I'm pretty stumped on this one, but I need to gather more data (DSP Quattro doesn't seem to write to the console output when errors occur...although the JUCE debugger strings don't show up in the console since upgrading to Mavericks either...)

Below is a dropbox link if anybody who's running logic could let me know if it works for them.






Have you made sure you're building for backwards-compatibility with older OSes, e.g. 10.6? If your builds only target 10.9 they might fail to load into hosts that were built for older versions.

I've set the Deployment Target to 10.6. I can still use the 10.9 SDK with this, right? Also I'm using the Universal (32/64-bit Intel) architecture in case that may be affecting things.

The AU still doesn't work with DSP Quattro. I'll have to wait to try it on other Logic Pro systems, though.

I just downloaded DSP quatro 4.2.4 to test it, I'm on 10.8

result : my AUs are ok (with the juce git from a few days ago), old AUs from Valhalla DSP and TAL as well.

BUT : your PhaseRaise won't load, and the jucePluginDemo neither! 

as far as i remember i got the same build options, so that's probably something wrong or missing in the code(?)

i let you know if i figure it out in the jucedemoplugin

in AppConfig.h , you got to change the order of PreferredChannelConfigurations :

in JuceDemoPlugin, it is :

 #define JucePlugin_PreferredChannelConfigurations {1, 1},  {2, 2}

you got to change it to :

 #define JucePlugin_PreferredChannelConfigurations  {2, 2}, {1, 1}


there was a short discussion about adding an assertion for this once :

- edit :  sorry, this old forum post is irrelevant.

Ahhh many thanks! Got both the backwards compatibitly & DSP Guatro Issues resolved! All is good in the plug-in dev domain...for now :)