Audio plugin demo

Can somebody explain how to get the audio plugin demo to work as an instrument in Logic?

It seems that I can connect up the MIDI input in the audio plugin host to the audio plugin

demo and click on the keyboard and get audio generated just fine.  In Logic I can't select

the plugin as an instrument at all (the delay portion of it seems to work if I put it on a channel

though, and if I click on the keys in the plugin editor, I get a sine wave generated instead

of whatever instrument I have on the channel).


Is there an example somewhere of a very simple synth instrument written in JUCE that I could

use to learn how this is supposed to work? 

Open JucePluginDemo with introjucer (projucer for juce4) -- in the settings, 'check' the box that says "..Is a Synth."

Recompile. Reopen. Logic should recognize it as a synthesiser instrument.