Audio Plugin Host - base/source/flock.cpp

I’m trying to get the audio plugin host running but getting some problems.
I open the projucer file and then open in IDE (VS 2017).
It doesn’t run because of:
…juce\modules\juce_audio_processors\format_types\juce_VST3Headers.h(95): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘base/source/flock.cpp’: No such file or directory

Thanks for any help

You are missing the VST SDK, see here:

You need it for hosting VSTs as well, not only for a plugin.


I did install the SDK and it does find the other files of it, but in vstsdk368_08_11_2017_build_121
the flock and fcondition files are at base/thread/
now what should we change best to fix this?
thank you

We updated juce to be compatible with 3.6.8 a few weeks ago! Please always try the latest version on the develop branch before assuming there’s a problem!

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This question may be stupid, but where do i get the latest version on the develop branch? I’m noob.

i have the same problem in VS ‘base/source/flock.cpp’: No such file or directory

Go here

and click on the green “Clone or download” button. If you’re not comfortable using git just click on the subsequent “Download zip” button.

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do i have to replace the orignal Projucer files with the ones from Github?

Everything compiled correctly with projucer + github files

@t0m: I realize this is an old post, but I am having the same problem, despite downloading the latest Projucer and the latest ZIP from the ROLI GitHub archive. Trying to build the Audio Plugin Host results in the same error message that base/source/flock.cpp doesn’t exist, and indeed I do not see it in the VST3_SDK folder at that location. Is this maybe a holdover from the old SDK? The one that I’m not allowed to download or use, per Steinberg?

UPDATE: Nevermind, it worked after I downloaded a fresh copy of the Steinberg SDK. I must have had an older version before. Sorry about that!