Projucer VST3 on Windows: flock.cpp and undeclared identifier

Hello. I was trying to compile the “audio plugin host” example using MVS 2017. The project requires VST3, so I downloaded and unpacked it and given the projucer the right path to it.
When compiling, I first got errors that “base/source/flock.cpp” was not found. I opened the VST3 SDK folder and saw that flock.cpp is actually in the base/source/thread/flock.cpp, so I just copied it and the related .h file to the base/source/folder. A stupid solution, but it worked. Kinda.

Now I get errors in juce_VST3Common.h and juce_VST3_Wrapper.cpp:

  1. C2065 kBFormat: undeclared identifier in juce_VST3Common.h and
  2. C2593 operator == is ambigious
  3. C2440 conversion’ : cannot convert from ‘Steinberg::FIDString’ to ‘Steinberg::FUID’ , both in juce_VST3_Wrapper.h.

How can these problems be solved? Maybe the VST3 SDK version i’ve downloaded (3.6.8) is wrong? VST2 and standalone applications seem to be just fine, but the audio plugin host example cannot build without VST3, as I understood.

TL;DR: Get the latest VST SDK and the latest JUCE (from the develop branch)

The master branch (from Github) will also work with the latest VST SDK.

Or get the previous VST SDK ( and don’t change anything to JUCE.