Flock.cpp missed (wrong location) - Plugin host

I have problem with Plugin Host example app. As I wrote in subject, while I compile the program in xCode, there is error, that flock.cpp can’t be found.
I’ve just read topic in that link:

There is advice to install latest version of SDK VST, but I’ve just download it from https://www.steinberg.net/en/company/developers.html
and it doesn’t help.
So I tried to move flock.cpp file to location where xCode expects it but then there are much more errors. I also tried to change #include path to the location where flock.cpp comes originally from steinberg. But it also doesn’t help but gives much more errors.
I can’t find anywhere explanation how to repair it. Could anyone help me?
For any help thanks in advance.

As we said on multiple other threads:

  • get the latest VST version 3.8
  • get the latest JUCE version from the develop or master branch

Don’t mess around trying to move files or fix things yourself!

thanks for reply, but where to find latest version of VST 3.8
On the official steinberg website there is only VST 3.6.8 - here: https://www.steinberg.net/en/company/developers.html

And I have also installed JUCE 5.2.0, isn’t it the latest version?

Sorry - that was a typo, I meant 3.6.8

And no, whenever we say the latest version of juce, we mean the develop or master branches on github!

OK, thanks,
but then I have one more stupid question, sorry for that but I am quite new on github and in programming at all. So I would like to ask: I found that https://github.com/WeAreROLI/JUCE

But I am not sure shoul I download all files from that link, or it’s enough if I download only Plugin Host files from here https://github.com/WeAreROLI/JUCE/tree/master/examples/audio%20plugin%20host

You can’t really be a developer without understanding GIT these days, so that’s worth spending some time learning!

And yes, you should always pull entire repos as a whole (this applies to everything, not just juce!) If you start mixing up random versions of files from them you’ll end up in a mess.

great thanks for your support, now works perfectly.
Thanks and happy new year :slight_smile: