Audio plugins build but not load


Hey there!
I’m a newbie into JUCE and I’m doing my first steps by following the tutorials which, by the way, are really useful.
I downloaded VSTs SDK and also build the plugin host succesfully. The issue I’m having though, is that when I scan for the plugins I’ve build those don’t load. I’m pasting an screenshot with the error I get.
Please, tell me which further information I should be providing in order to spot the issue.


Most likely you’re trying to load 32-bit plugins in a 64-bit host or vice-versa.


Thanx for your reply Jules!
Hmm, that makes sense.
I guess that the the host I build must be 64bit cause I’m able to open and use the comercial plugins that I have in my computer which are 64 bit. My question is then, where can I switch the target from 32bit to 64bit? and, Can that be that the default target is 32bit, that why the plugins I built following the tutorial are 32 bit BUT the example of the plugin host is 64bit??


It’s an option in the Projucer. Best way to build a plugin is as a 32/64-bit universal, so it’ll work in any host


Okay, and where is it? (Can’t find it, sorry…) Thanks!


Found it, sorry for the noise!


Now it works! Thanks again!