AudioPluginHost Build fails

Hey all, when i’m trying to build Audio Plugin Host it fails because the “JSON” occurrences in the moduleinfoparser are ambiguous. I tried including/excluding headers but it didn’t work. Does anyone have a fix for this? Thanks a lot!

Not that I can offer a solution but I’m facing even bigger problems building that project than you. I’m just chiming in to let you know you’re not alone. I’ve not experienced any sort build problems on any canned Juce projects until this one.

I’m using Projucer 7.0.8 on Windows 10 with Vis Studio Community 2022. My build of AudioPluginHost (found in JUCE\extras\AudioPluginHost) fails to find the necessary asset files (looking for them in examples\assets instead of JUCE\examples\assets). When I created that misidentified directory and populated it with the missing asset files, Vis Studio complained that the Juce library source files were not where it expected them. I think the project’s build files are faulty. I suspect this project is suffering from bit-rot.

My last response was mostly wrong. The bottom line is that the AudioPluginHost builds with no errors on my computer (Projucer 7.0.8 on Windows 10 with Vis Studio Community 2022). I’m sorry I could not help.

My mistake was I thought all Projucer projects were relocatable without requiring any changes. I copied the project to another directory before generating the Vis Studio solution files. That produced all bad results when I tried to build it. When I built the project “in place” it built with no errors. Perhaps you have a tool version vs source code mismatch?