Bitwig Studio on Linux - Can't add my .VST3 to library

Hi everyone,
I’ve searched across the forum and wasn’t able to find a similar subject. I am currently working on a reverb plugin (using CMake on Linux) and am able to compile it and use it correctly as a standalone. I also compiled it as a VST3 plugin and was able to successfully open it using Reaper. When i tried to do the same thing using Bitwig Studio, i’ve got this message :

com.bitwig.flt.library.metadata.reader.exception.CouldNotReadMetadataException: could not read metadata: Failed to load VST 3 plug-in /home/clementone/.vst3/Reverb.vst3: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.38' not found (required by /home/clementone/.vst3/Reverb.vst3/Contents/x86_64-linux/

So it makes me think that maybe I did not add metadata that Bitwig needs to let me use my plugin. As I said I am using CMake instead of the Projucer and I used the audio plugin CmakeLists.txt file as a reference to create mine. Here’s an extract of my CmakeLists.txt :

        # VERSION ...                               # Set this if the plugin version is different to the project version
        # ICON_BIG ...                              # ICON_* arguments specify a path to an image file to use as an icon for the Standalone
        # ICON_SMALL ...
        COMPANY_NAME Clementone                     # Specify the name of the plugin's author
        # IS_SYNTH TRUE/FALSE                       # Is this a synth or an effect?
        # NEEDS_MIDI_INPUT TRUE/FALSE               # Does the plugin need midi input?
        # NEEDS_MIDI_OUTPUT TRUE/FALSE              # Does the plugin need midi output?
        # IS_MIDI_EFFECT TRUE/FALSE                 # Is this plugin a MIDI effect?
        # EDITOR_WANTS_KEYBOARD_FOCUS TRUE/FALSE    # Does the editor need keyboard focus?
        # COPY_PLUGIN_AFTER_BUILD TRUE/FALSE        # Should the plugin be installed to a default location after building?
        PLUGIN_MANUFACTURER_CODE Juce               # A four-character manufacturer id with at least one upper-case character
        PLUGIN_CODE Dem0                            # A unique four-character plugin id with exactly one upper-case character
        # GarageBand 10.3 requires the first letter to be upper-case, and the remaining letters to be lower-case
        FORMATS AU VST3 Standalone                  # The formats to build. Other valid formats are: AAX Unity VST AU AUv3
        PRODUCT_NAME "Reverb")        # The name of the final executable, which can differ from the target name

I hope i provided enough content and it can help anyone. Thank you for your future answers.

This is a very recent version of glibc. Perhaps Bitwig is using/supplying an older version.

Are you on a very recent Linux distribution? If so, it looks like the most sure-fire way of getting this to work is to build on a system with an older glibc. Perhaps you could use a virtual machine or container, or an old image on a service like Github Actions.

There’s a bit more info here.

Oh! I understand. I’m running Tumbleweed so this might explain it. Thank you so much for such a fast answer.