Issues in some hosts on some machines

Hi I have recently released my first plugin for windows. I’m normally at home writing for Mac/iOS so am facing some new issues.

The plugin runs fine on all hosts on my test computer - and judging by the few complaints I’ve had so far it runs fine on most users computers. However I have had 1 report from a user using Bitwig 3.0.3 saying that they get this error when they try to load the plugin (VST3, Windows 10): com.bitwig.flt.library.metadata.reader.exception.CouldNotReadMetadataException: could not read metadata: Not a plug-in file.

And another report saying that in FL Studio (again windows 10 it comes up with an error: There was a problem loading the plugin for an unknown reason.

Is this something to do with using the DLL runtime library or could it be something else?


When I got that error in Bitwig on Mac my plugin couldn’t find a dynamically linked library. So yeah, it may well be a problem with the runtime library.

If your release configuration (Exporters>Visual Studio>Release) has Runtime Library set to Use DLL runtime then your users will need to install the C++ runtime to be able to use your plug-in.

There was some discussion about which option is best here:

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