Compiling and running VST on Ubuntu

Howdy neighbors, 

I'm trying to compile a custom plugin a friend of mine made on my Ubuntu distro, but my Bitwig DAW isn't recognizing this VST, and Bitwig is actually pretty good at recognizing VST's. This leads me to believe something is going wrong in the build.

I was able to compile the example "audo plugin demo" in the Linux build folder for example projects, and this worked in my Bitwig DAW. It compiled down to an .so file and I merely told Bitwig where to find it.

My friend's plugin also compiles to an .so file, but Bitwig doesn't recognize it as a VST. 
This is a plugin that works on both Mac and PC so far.

I know this is a big vague, but any ideas on where to get started looking for the problem?


When building linux shared libraries the linker doesn't check for undefined references, so add:


to your link flags.
Maybe you're not linking to some library (freetype, alsa, etc).

Bitwig has a command-line tool for scanning plugins (in /opt/bitwig/bin/ or similar, not exactly sure now), so try that too.
It should print any issues the plugin has during initialization.


Should these flags be added automatically by the introjucer, then?

Thanks, you were right.

I wasn't linking to cURL libraries.
The VST runs now.


I think so, yes.