Trouble Finding VST in DAW Once .a libraries Have Been Added

So I’m currently trying to launch the default plugin that is created using Projucer but have linked a bunch of static libraries (.a) and included some external header files to be able to integrate functionality from another program.

The code compiles fine with no errors and I can include the headers but when I build and run the project the .VST file generated isn’t seen by the DAW. I have tried scanning for the plugin in the JUCE plugin host but still can’t seem to get the plugin to appear. When I take away the added libraries and header files so it’s back to its initial state the VST appears again.

What is with adding static libraries that it doesn’t like!? Any help to solve this would be great, cheers. I’m working from Mac OS Sierra and using Xcode 8.1, incase you’re wondering.

There mist be something else. I’m doing this as well, and it works fine. So when you add your .a files, there must be some spurious symbols or some missing ones (if you use it in your code somewhere). No warning during linking?

Al i’m doing at the moment is including one of the header files in my processor.h file so I’m not actually using any of the stuff I’ve linked yet. The code is just the bare bones default that projucer produces otherwise. There doesn’t seem to be any linking warnings although the library as a whole is littered with warnings but don’t think that’s causing the issue as the everything has linked fine and compiled sucessfully. I’ve just hardcoded the paths in projucer though.

Hard coding stuff won’t make any issue.
OK, try launching the standalone plugin and debug it. There must be a conflict on something somewhere. How was the .a compiled? Is it one of yours?

it is an open source library for speech synthesis so it isn’t one of mine. The libraries are quite comprehensive so I’m not sure about the ins and outs of it. The stand alone plugin? The plugin isn’t recognised in the juce plugin host either so I can’t launch it anywhere at the moment.

To minimise the impact of symbols from this 3rd party, avoid including it in headers, but include it in cpp files and also as the last one after the juce includes.
If you need class names in headers use forward declarations.
Maybe that helps, but is a shot in the dark…

There is a standalone app that you should run to check if it works properly.
Then, did you compile the .a yourself?

The stand alone app works fine for the speech synthesiser. the .a files were compiled from a make file i think?

Recompile them yourself to start, and then you will have to build a debug version of the JUCE host and debug it…

Turns out the libraries are obsolete for modern mac operating systems. When rebuilding for the stand alone, the make tests fail for some areas so I’m guessing the broken libraries are causing the vst not to generate properly to be recognised by the daw. Unfortunately these libraries haven’t been maintained for the last while so I’m guessing there’s no way to utilise them now unless you had an older system. Such a shame :frowning: