Windows 7 and JUCE : Libraries paths

please i’ve been for a long long day trying to fix this : but it still won’t work ,
i’m working on a VST3

You shouldn’t need to manually specify include or linker flags for components built into JUCE, like FLAC and oggvorbis. What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

thank you for your Reply , i’m trying to build a VST3 plugin but seems the .dll won’t appear
so i think that the VST3 SDK is required , also for Standalone Plugins , i would understand which Libraries i will need to link the project to .

If you’re using the built-in JUCE VST3 wrapper, you shouldn’t set the VST3 SDK folder manually. I’d recommend clearing the “VST3 SDK Folder”, “Extra Compiler Flags”, and “Extra Linker Flags” fields completely, and then resaving and building the project. Then, check whether the build produces any error messages or other diagnostics.

It’s difficult to say exactly what the problem is here, but I think setting these fields in the Projucer in this way is likely to cause more problems, rather than fixing anything.

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