Bonjour: is there support in Juce? Has anyone used it?


Now that Juce has OSC support, I was wondering if what I see many OSC-capable applications support is also supported in JUCE: Apple's bonjour service.

I don't use it much myself, but it seems to be common in software that wants to keep the IP and Port details hidden from users, and make networking a bit easier to use, no?



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We've talked about this ourselves, too, and agree it would be a neat feature that we'd like to implement!

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Great to hear you've thought about it, it makes very good sense to keep this implementation at the Juce library level, given that it will then allow seamless network interoperability across Win/OSX/iOS.

I for one will jump on it when it's there :)

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zeroconf can be very messy so something bundled into JUCE would be fantastic.


Hi guys!

Just bumping this thread, has there been any more consideration to adding Bonjour into JUCE? Would be a greatly appreciated feature, and open up a lot of options for clean clean user experience when connecting devices.


I have used it on OSX and Linux using the Apple provided API. I built mDNSResponder for Linux to use it and it seems to work pretty well. It might be better to have a consistent experience on top of mDNSResponder/Avahi/Windows whatever though.

Any updates on this? Thinking about using OSC in an app. What alternatives have people used so far?

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