OSC library suggestion

I would like to add OSC support to my applications and I am wondering if there is a C++ library that people find integrates well with JUCE… thanks… :slight_smile:


I had good luck integrating oscPack with JUCE:


I ripped out their networking code and just used DatagramSocket instead. Works fine :slight_smile:


any insight into the files that need to be modified to get oscpack going using JUCE’s native networking?

For what it’s worth: OSC is less complex than it appears. I did a trivial implementation using juce string handling a while ago and it took less than a day to do simple params - another network subsystem but similar in use to juce’s.

This is one of those cases where implementing it takes less time than researching and testing a few libs (and adapting them as needed), dealing with dlls, compile switches etc.


yep-- I got oscpack going in my application today, wasn’t too bad!
I am however using their networking classes, might want to scrap that and use Juce’s datagram socket like mattsonic, but this is working great for now…