Hello world!
Have anyone of you tried to implement the TUIO library in juce?

I’m currently building this screen

and my next step will be the implementation of the TUIO functions needed to move and resize objects.

Anyway, here you can find the sources:

Supporting TUIO is not that hard if you have a proper OSC library that receives the messages you can do anything you want really.

On the TUIO website you can find a lot of developer resources.
OscPack is one which is usable out of the box but i don’t like the style of it.

I am using Nials OSC lib for receiving the incoming OSC messages together with the DatagramSocket class of Juce. I think the creator of Nials OSc lib is a member of this forum actually but i can’t recall where i found his library and wether it’s still available.
I think this is his website.