OSC innovations

Dear JUCE team,

do you plan any innovations on OSC library in JUCE? Currently it supports only OSC 1.0 and UDP streaming.
I think implementing 1.1 could be good as there’re new argument types (array is missing me a lot).
Also when I needed to implement OSC via TCP I basically had to copy-paste the OSCInputStream and OSCOutputStream because it’s not made accessible from outside (classes are defined in .cpp files).
I think it wouldn’t take much time as there are minor changes in the specifications.

Yes,. we do little things like this at part of our general maintenance. I don’t think any of us had this on our radar but we should add it to our backlog…


I would also be interested in OSC via TCP. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • 1 for this - finding myself more and more in situations like wanting to ship setup info to rasp pi (for example) and get state info back - this is fine over wire but OSC over TCP would allow more robust wireless operation when loss of data isn’t allowed
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Another +1 for this - would be very useful.

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I’d like access to OSCInputStream and OSCOutputStream too.

There’s also multiple forum posts, and this GitHub issue asking the same thing.

Any chance this is still coming at some point?

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