[FR] making OSCInputStream and OSCOutputStream accessible

Hi there,

is there any chance of making OSCInputStream and OSCOutputStream of OSCReceiver and OSCSender accessible?

I’d like to read an OSCMessage from a block of data, and also write it to a block of data. Or is there another way to do so without basically coping the code?

Edit: or maybe a static method for OSCReceiver to get a message/bundle from a block of data?


Just out of curiosity, I added a public method to the OSCReceiver class:

void handleBuffer (const char* data, size_t dataSize);


void OSCReceiver::handleBuffer (const char* data, size_t dataSize) { pimpl->handleBuffer (data, dataSize); };

which basically just forwards to the Pimpl.

So the following code would try to get an OSCMessage from a block of data and calls the listeners, which would make me quite happy.

OSCReceiver receiver;
receiver.handleBuffer (reinterpret_cast<const char*> (data), size);

But I guess that use-case is not popular enough to make it into the code base?