Make OSCInputStream and OSCOutputStream public


I have recently tried to add TCP support to an OSC application, and I ran into the issue where OSCInputStream and OSCOutputStream are not publicly accessible. Making these classes accessible would allow for implementations of OSC via TCP so larger OSC bundles can be sent/received reliably.

There have been several forum posts and a GitHub issue asking for this.

I have also submitted a pull request with these changes here:

There are other posts asking for this feature, but since I am a new user I am unable to add more than 2 links to this post. The posts are linked in my pull request.


Isn’t that feature request a duplicate of the one you’ve linked? [FR] making OSCInputStream and OSCOutputStream accessible

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Ah, yes it is. I should have tagged mine on as a reply to that post, my bad.

Any word on this? I would also like to be able to access the raw bytes from an OSC-message.

In addition to this, is there any chance the double/float64 arguments could be supported?

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