Book sale

The JUCE book is currently on sale at for half its retail price.  Strangley the print+e-book is less than the e-book alone.


I lazily, and stupidly, just bought it from Amazon using my one-click-ordering account and paid full price for it :)


I don't know how relevant the book is these days but I needed something to get me started while I'm disconnected from the digital world and it's already given me one or two insights I was lacking from using and abusing the Introjuicer and sample code (disclaimer; I've not been through the tutorials on this site.)


I've no issues with the price I paid but the full retail price stopped it from being an impulse buy and made it a truely considered purchase.  I'm not here to sell the book but if you're completely new to JUCE it's got to be worth a punt its current price.