'Getting Started with JUCE' book

Hey all

Just though I'd let you know about a new book that has just been published called 'Getting Started with JUCE':


It was written by forum user martinrobinson, while I was one of the techical reviewers among a couple of others.

If you're at the stage where you're trying to get to grips with the library, this will be a really useful source.

Awesome! (this is the first I'd heard about it!)

I'll add a proper link for it on the documenation page..

Super! :-)

Cheers Jules! (FYI it is also available as an ebook as well as a physical book)

Even though I'm late to the party, this book sounds like a godsend to the JUCE world. I'm going to buy it first chance I get. Thanks for posting this. I'm kind of curious why there aren't more books about the JUCE framework.

I hope he follows up with an “Advanced JUCE” to cover more advanced topics though…. I bought this to encourage him in that effort and to show the publisher there is a market for this topic



+1 for an "Advanced JUCE" follow up book. A book on programming plugins with JUCE would be great too. I stay in regular contact with the author and publishers so if there's proof of a lot of interest I'm sure it could be put into motion.

$5 today(New Year's day)... no excuse not to support our community at that price!


Happy new year everyone

I know the demo goes a LONG way in helping people understand the code, but the book in my opinion is essential.  I've been working through it for the past week.  Would LOVE to see more books, and content regarding JUCE.  Would gladly pay for a follow up book that goes more in debth.   JUCE seems to be a beefy library and this book only seems to scratch the surface of what all JUCE has to offer up.

Thanks a million to all those that had a hand in writing this book.  There will be another round of thanks when the next one comes out. :)


Bought it, thanks for the heads-up.

We really need a wiki. JUCE changes so quickly that any (e)book publishing cycle will be a version behind it at least, and it could never be comprehensive. Regardless, just bought it for the support. 

Was totally unaware of this book and I subscribe to Packt mailing list so either missed it (quite possible as typically skim read) or they didn't mention it.

$5 sale was still on although not sure if I saved anything as meant bought another 17 books & videos at $5 each!

Been procrastinating on using JUCE for my game for a long time. This book gave a nice introduction to JUCE. Some bits I already knew and other bits cemented details but did learn a few new things. Definitely worth the money. Maybe if had paid full price might have thought it a bit short.

+1 to all the requests for a follow up book covering more advanced details.

Ok, i just bought a copy.


Do those other libraries by Martain work with JUCE?


I'm gonna have to read this one!

I've been planning on doing an advanced book on JUCE for a while. The more I work with JUCE (and it's been years already), the more I think I can save people some trouble with sequencer related problems, plugins, multi-platform, code logics, etc. :)

This makes me work on it even more.

I've been getting into Juce via this book... its very clearly done and helps one to build a foundation for experimenting and self-learning. 

IMO is a bit short for the money.. I was expecting a big fat book but its quite thin! Never mind... hopefully the rest will come from trying things out. 

However - some more advanced stuff like examples of various audio and OpenGL related things would be good too. I've been pulling things out of the demo app, but still finding there could be a nice bridge to explain things going on there in more detail.