BR: VST3 in Audition on Windows has no GUI

In Adobe Audition on Windows 10, VST3 plugins are always displaying a default/generic editor. VST2 plugins are correctly using the plugin’s supplied editor.

This is possibly related to this issue.

Building with the tip of JUCE master; tested on Windows 10.

I’m unable to reproduce this on Windows 10 using the latest Adobe Audition (build I’ve tried building a default JUCE audio effect VST3 against both master and the latest tip of develop and both display the GUI correctly when opening in Audition. Are you using the latest version of Audition? Perhaps it has been fixed in a recent update.

I’m not sure how any Juce plugin can create its editor in Audition, as the Juce VST3 wrapper only allows it if the host is not Audition:

Because I’m only ever getting generic editors, perhaps for some reason the pluginInstance->getActiveEditor() == nullptr condition is never being fulfilled?

I’m on Audition 2022, build

That isn’t what that line is doing - the check for Audition or Premiere is there to ensure that an editor is always created in those hosts since there is a ref-counting bug which was previously causing editors to not be displayed. See this thread for more info:

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