Bug report: VST3 in Adobe Audition has no GUI

In Adobe Audition, the VST3 build does not display a GUI for the plug-in Editor. AU builds of the same project display their GUI correctly.

Tested this with a couple different plug-in projects, on macOS (on Mojave and Catalina), with latest JUCE 6.0.8 (tried both master and develop branches).

Here’s how the plug-in window looks in Audition for the VST3:

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OK, verified that this is also the case when building the AudioPluginDemo.h example project. So, consider that the “steps to reproduce”.

Note, however, that in order to get AudioPluginDemo to appear in Adobe Audition’s list of plug-ins, in Projucer I had to uncheck the box for “Plugin is a Synth”, because Audition doesn’t handle synths.

Audition 2021 works for my plugins, but mine are all on on JUCE 6.0.5 (or earlier). Running in Catalina.

Thanks for checking on that. Builds I had done here on previous JUCE versions (JUCE 5) also load up OK in Audition.

And for the record I’m testing in the latest Audition version (Adobe Audition 2021, version 14.1).

This is a bug in Audition where they are incorrectly incrementing the ref-count of the IPlugView* that is returned from IEditController::createView(). When the object is released it doesn’t get deleted because it still has a reference count of 1 and, whilst this was masked in previous JUCE versions, this commit means that we no longer create multiple editors hence the blank GUI.

We’ve added a workaround for Audition to develop here so the old behaviour will apply:

I’ve submitted a bug report to Adobe (Bug: Audition incorrectly increments IPlugView* ref-count after calling IEditController::createView() – Adobe video & audio apps) so hopefully this will get fixed in Audition at some point and we can remove the workaround.

Thank you. Just did a build with the develop branch, and can verify that the GUI works again in Audition. Yes, I hope they get to patching that on their end…

We are seeing the same issue here as well. We are on juce 6.0.8 and cherry picked the commit above but it doesn’t seem to solve the issue. Running under the debugger, we see that the editor actually gets created, but still the editor window stays empty.

When closing Audition we see a crash after hitting this assertion

Is there anything in between the 6.0.8 release and this commit that we needed to sync as well?

We are testing with Audition

Update: This only seems to affect the macOS version of Audition, on Windows 10 everything works as expected.

The JUCE devs did their own cherry pick to the master branch of this commit and one other related one (on April 6). Maybe try that “combined” commit instead and see if that fixes it for you? It did fix it here for me.

I’m still seeing this bug on the tip of master on Windows 10 with VST3 plugins…

I wonder if that’s actually new, or caused by recent changes, because before @PluginPenguin had said:

It’s possible this is a new issue. We’re experiencing this bug in all our plugins on Windows…

I’m trying to encourage some action at Adobe on this.

Feel free to vote for the issue here and make some noise…