Build problem using Xcode 6

I get a lot of these, and searching the forums I didn't find anything: 

/Applications/ error: 

      unknown type name 'Point'

  Point               location;               /* File's location in the folder */

This is when is compiled.

Ideas ?

Edit: Btw. Same problem when compiling the JuceDemo with Xcode 6.


Huh? I've been using Xcode 6 for weeks, and never saw anything like that. Any ideas how I might reproduce it?

I've seen this as well, happens if I compile the JUCE demo. I think the fix is to add a dummy Point definition around the Accelerate include on line 60 of juce_audio_basics.cpp

 #define Point CarbonDummyPointName // (workaround to avoid definition of "Point" by old Carbon headers)
 #include <Accelerate/Accelerate.h>
 #undef Point

Think it happens if you use the 10.10 SDK (which is also the default on Xcode 6).

Ah, must be a 10.10 thing, I'm still using v9, ta.

I think base issue was that my deployment target was set to 10.6, which was invalid. Setting it to 10.7 made it get through that loophole anyway....

Edit: No, that was not it, I went back to Xcode 5 atm with 10.9 SDK and 10.7 deployment target. I'm tired today.

The Xcode update I got today forced me to install the 10.10 SDK. It shows for Finder.h and Quickdraw.h "Unknown type name 'Point' ". What are your plans for compatibility with Yosemite?

Sigh.. Ok, thanks for the heads-up, I've not installed 10.10 yet, but will do in the next day or two..

I don't think this is dependent on the OS, you can still build against 10.10 on OSX 10.9 can't you? That's were I first saw the problem.



Does adding that CarbonDummyPointName define I posted in this thread earlier fix the build issues for you?

Hi, I'm not Gandalf458, but the fix does work. (THANKS!). I had decided to just work with an iPad target until Jules fixed it, but now I can work with a Mac target as well.

I don't believe this was caused by Xcode 6.0 or by Yosemite. I was having no problem with either for a week. This started happening to me after I upgraded to Xcode 6.1, which came out yesterday (mostly adding a bunch more Swift support).

Hi, I just try to re-compile a old(not very) project and at the end I got a error,


here is my error:

527:595: execution error: Terminal got an error: Can’t get window 1. (-1728)


Someone has any idea?

I'm still having this problem when I try to include accelerate framework: I get errors in Finder.h (with Point class) and in Component.h (with Component class).

Any help?

Did you try my post #3?

If you have to include some frameworks, which somehow depends on CarbonCore (like the Accelerate framework), you have to surround it with 

#define Point CarbonDummyPointName // (workaround to avoid definition of "Point" by old Carbon headers)
#include <Accelerate/Accelerate.h>
#undef Point

because Juce uses its own Point and Component type names, and that gives a clash on OS X.

Similarly, if you include something that declares Component, you have to

#define Component CarbonDummyCompName
 //... include some old Carbon headers
#undef Component



This problem has been introduced by the addition of vImage_CVUtilities.h to the Accelerate framework, which creates a CoreVideo and subsequent CarbonCore dependency. However, it can be safely excluded by defining a preprocessor macro before including Accelerate. Per <vImage/vImage_CVUtilities.h>:

 *  @define vImage_CVUtilities_h
 *  @abstract Preprocessor symbol to make sure the header is only included once. 
 *  @discussion Set vImage_CVUtilities_h to 1 before including Accelerate headers
 *              to turn this header off. 
 *              You may wish to do that if the inclusion of CoreVideo/CVPixelBuffer.h is
 *              causing problems for your build.

#define vImage_CVUtilities_h 1

The project I'm working on uses vDSP outside of JUCE, and I have successfully added this to the "Preprocessor Macros" project setting in Xcode to solve the matter.

Note: If your project has any namespace collisions with CoreGraphics, it is possible to exclude vImage_Utilities.h in the same fashion.


Hi guys, 

I've created a project using the IntroJucer on OSX 10.9 in Xcode 6, and I'm getting the Parse Issue; "Unknown type name 'Point'" error...

I've tried changing the Deployment target, but the issue persists.

I've looked at the above fixes,  but at this is a new barebones GUI application, I'm not including any frameworks explicitly.

Maybe i'm missing something very obvious...

Jules you said you were running 10.9 but hadn't seen this issue?


Nope, I've happily used every version of OSX and Xcode and never had this. What's the full error report (including all include paths)?

phew !  thanks for that  joel -  that sorted out my component.h  crap too 


That's weird.  I've just had this fault.  The only unusual thing I did was to create the jucer file on the PC and then transfer it to the Mac and create the Mac project. Usually I do it the other way around...

And like that … I’ve got the problem again!