Build ReWire device (.bundle) for MacOS X in XCode



we are developing a cross platform application (Mac/Windows) with the juce framework and want to support ReWire. Our application shall be the audio generating part, the ‘device’ and ‘panel’ in ReWire terminology.
Under Windows the device must be compiled as a dynamic library (.dll). This works perfectly fine with the Projucer project type ‘Dynamic library’.
Our DLL is successfully loaded by the ReWire sample mixer application.
Under MacOS X the device must be compiled as a loadable bundle (.bundle). That’s the point where I’m stuck at the moment.
I was not able to compile and export a bundle from a XCode project generated by Projucer yet. I found this in the Juce forum:
This seems to be exactly what I need but the proposed solution did not work for me. I was able to compile the project but I wasn’t able to export/archive anything. The build does not show up in the organizer.

Did anybody build a ReWire device with a xcode project generated by the Projucer? Can anybody give me a hint how to configure the XCode project to build a bundle?

Thank you very much in advance!