Building AAX in XCode 5

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some guidance to get AAX building on XCode 5. 

I have a working AU and VST build of my plugin on both Mac and Windows. I bought an iLok2 yesterday and got authorizations for the dev version of ProTools. I downloaded the AAX_SDK_2p1p1 (2.1.1), and I've put it in my sdks folder and I've added a recursive header search starting at the top AAX_SDK directory. 

I built the AAX libraries for both Debug and Release. I've put a preprocessor definition for JucePlugin_AAXLibs_path=../../../../sdk/AAX_SDK_2p1p1/Libs in both Debug and Release in my XCode target settings. That ../../../../sdk works for the header search paths, so I assume it should work when using the path in code. I could be wrong about that, and I need to use an absolute path. 

So when I build, I get an error saying direct.h can't be found, which is being included from unistd.h. If I comment out the include for direct.h, I get a bunch of errors for type definitions that are in classes that seem like they shouldn't be used unless I'm using Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler. Of course, I'm using Apple's LLVM. 

Any tips?






The recursive include on the AAX folder was the problem. It was including headers that should not be included on OSX. Instead, I included the Interfaces folder and the Interfaces/ACF folder. I also added the built AAX lib to the linking build phase. Building and working in ProTools 11 now.