AAX_Version.h not found


I just updated my local copy of JUCE to the latest on develop and now I’m getting an error that it can’t find AAX_Version.h. What’s interesting is that I definitely have my AAX global path set in Projucer and for whatever reason, my Xcode project doesn’t show the AAX path in Header Search Paths.

Did anything change here?

Maybe Avid is getting back at me for the developer feedback I sent in…


Does the path in the Xcode project itself look right or is it completely missing?



The path is not in the Xcode project…it’s missing. Odd.


Check if this commit or one of the others that day broke PJ:



It looks like that could be it.

Here’s my Xcode Header Search Paths from Projucer built using commit c3e7c4725277b95363d68c3275d3bf2df78e2f0a from Oct 19:

You can see the AAX headers and my custom VST3 SDK.

But here’s my Header Search Paths from Projucer built using 2593d5e264d7a41dd98c40991d4694444f49adad from Nov 2:

Notice, no AAX headers and no custom VST3 SDK.

@ed95 ?

The removal of JUCE’s embedded VST2 SDK

Thanks for the heads up. If you re-build the Projucer after pulling this commit it should be back to normal.


All good now. Thanks!