Can't build AAX in VS 2015

I’ve got my plugin working properly on Mac AU & VST and Windows VST and now I’m trying to get AAX going. I installed the AAX SDK, set the path and checked the AAX box in Projucer, and the Mac version compiled first time.

But when I tried to build the Windows version, it complains that it can’t open an include file ‘AAX_exports.cpp’, which is included by juce_AAX_wrapper.cpp.

Is there some other setting that I’m missing?

Make sure the path is correct in projucer. I had to put C:\ instead of ~\

Thanks…but how will that affect Mac version?

Only if you change the global path. Click on Vs2015 and change the path there

That did it. Thanks for the quick help!

Nice! No problem. I asked A few months ago for them to change this. But I understand they are busy.