Building projucer 5.3.2 with xcode 7


I was trying to build the new Projucer (juce 5.3.2) on osx 10.11 and xcode 7.0 but it gave me an error saying that it needs a c++ library containing std::atomic. I didnt have any problems with juce 5.2. what can i do about this?
if i update my xcode to 7.3.1 am i gonna be able to build it? or v7 hence osx 10.11 is not supported any more?


Iā€™m positive that the c++ library that comes with Xcode 7.3.1 contains std::atomic.

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Yes! What i was hoping to hear! thanks very much for the quick reply Martin.
Update: After installing xcode 7.3.1 everything worked just fine.