#include <atomic>, MacOSX SDK & C++ support


I’ve tried to compile a the very template of a new “Audio Plugin Project” setup from projucer for target platform Mac OS X 10.6, and it works, but when I add a dsp module into the project (requires C++14) Xcode complains that “atomic” file not found on the line in dsp-module:

#include <atomic>

Is there a way to build 10.6 target with dsp module included? I’m not very familiar with mac OS SDK. If 10.6 doesn’t work, at least some older SDK’s than 10.9 I’m on right now would be nice. I’d like to have more backwards compatibility if possible.

Thank you for your time and knowledge!! :slight_smile:

According to Current minimum deployment targets with C++14 / DSP module, you can target macOS 10.7 if you want to use juce_dsp.

I tried target 10.7 and with C++ Library LLVM libc++ set on projucer exporter configuration it seems to work!!! 10.7 will do great. :slight_smile:

Thanks alot! Phew it was easier than I feared. :smiley: