Minimum target for DSP module

I’m planning to update to JUCE 5 (from 4.1). What’s the minimum target possible on OSX and Windows for the DSP module?
It looks like I have to put 10.9 on OSX in order to compile it, but we have many customers with older versions (10.7 or even 10.6.8).
I haven’t tested on Windows yet, but would be nice to know


I use the 10.12 SDK to compile with a Deployment Target of 10.7 using c++14 and it compiles fine. I’m only using the FFT class.


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Thanks. I’m still on 10.10 SDK, so that might be it.

You need at least Xcode 8 for the dsp module. It’s not so much about the SDK, but the C++ library and language features.

Actually ist about both, XCode Version and the deployment target in Xcode (as mentioned in the first post), because you cannot use all c++14 features with a low deployment target.
So whats the lowest deployment target which is required for the dsp-module.
Also, on windows, do in need VS2017 for the dsp module, or is VS2015 sufficient?

VS2015 is sufficient.

Edit: Removed the sentence “In fact or CI will build the dsp module with both VS2015 and VS2017” - our CI doesn’t build with 2015 but we regularly test it with VS2015.