Atomic not found in 5.1.2

I’m trying to set up a new project using 5.1.2 and dsp module. when I try to build I get an error on line 104 of juce_dsp.h… atomic include cannot be found. Anybody?

<atomic> is part of the C++11 standard, and juce_dsp requires at least C++14 to function. What’s your compiler?

Thanks. Yesterday I figured that out and got it to compile. Do you know what are the minimum OSX/Windows versions that can support C++14? Thanks again.

Well, it’s not about the OS, but having a C++14 compatible compiler which is able to target earlier OSes. I would recommend using the latest if you can of course, being VS2017/Xcode 8, but at the very least later versions of VS2015/Xcode 7 should have C++14 support (if my memory serves correctly).

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I have Xcode 8 and VS2015. xcode targets c++14. not sure about VS2015 yet.

So far I’ve been able to successfully build on XCode 8 using C++14, the latest SDK version and 10.9 as deployment target. It doesn’t seems to work if I set 10.7 as target and, unfortunately, that’s the bare minimum required for my customers. Should I be forced to “discontinue” support for OSX versions below 10.9?