Can AUv2 plug-ins have polymorphic builds in Juce 4.2+

I see in the current Juce code (specifically the Juce Demo Plug-in) that it’s possible to build AU plug-ins as AU v2 or AU v3. Is there any reason why AUv2 plug-ins can’t work as polymorphic builds (VST, AAX, AU in one binary) in Juce 4.2+? I’m looking to update my code to the latest Juce and I want to keep the polymorphic build system in place since that’s what I’ve been using and it greatly simplifies my projects.

JUCE has removed polymorphic builds since JUCE 4.1. I think you can still build polymorphic plug-ins on OS X (without AUV3 and Standalone - of course) but it will require a few tweaks in the JUCE code.

Ok, thanks. We finished the merge of our plug-in but AU is not working. The AU entry points are never hit, but the entry points in juce_AU_wrapper do seem to be compiled into the plug-in. Any suggestions where else to look?

Is this vanilla JUCE or with your “own” polymorphic tweaks?

I guess you need to check that the symbols are properly exported. Maybe you need a linker exporter file.

FYI I am happily building polymorphic plug-ins on Mac (and Win too), using JUCE 4.2 without tweaks to the plug-in part (I mean, we have some customizations in place but they are only for GUI aspects), so it is definitely possible (of course if you leave out AUv3, which is my case too)

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Thanks, good to know it works.

Thanks, Fabian. We’re 99.9% vanilla Juce. I can’t image anything that would affect exports, but must something different.