Cannot install Juce?

Hey everyone,

Just downloaded Juce and I am unable to install it on my windows 10 system. I can open Projucer and the Demorunner but nothing is actually being installed to my system. This means it cannot find any of the directories. Am I missing something here?

What directories are you expecting it to find?

You will need to separately install Visual Studio with the appropriate C++ options to get the C++ compiler and the standard library and other header files and libraries.

Sorry i meant the SDK’s which is fine as i can do that manually. I just find it weird that it doesn’t actually install like a normal program would.

JUCE is a library - not a program. So no it doesn’t get ‘installed’ you just download the source code and can place it wherever you like (I have it on my Desktop - I know some people put it on C drive for easy access).

Well, to practically use JUCE you will also need the Projucer, which is a program. However, even that doesn’t really need any special installing in order to run it. But without the live build option it doesn’t do much besides exporting projects for use for example with Visual Studio on Windows and Xcode on macOs. (The live build is an option for users who have a commercial paid license for Juce. And to use even that, I think Visual Studio with the correct options needs to be installed anyway on Windows.)

Nope, it’s free since JUCE 5!