New to installing to xp

hi ...i just downloaded juce free edition ...but windows does not recongnize that it is a windows 32bit exe file  so it will not install...?

Are you talking about the ProJucer? You'll probably have to use the IntroJucer and build it using the XP compiler in Visual Studio.  

the only thing i have is Visual Basic 8 , not the same is it? 

No.. it's not the same!

We expect that almost all developers nowadays will be using a modern OS as their desktop, even if they still need to deploy their products on older machines.

Since even Microsoft doesn't support XP, and their latest compilers (presumably) don't even run on it, we can't afford to spend time staying compatible with it, I'm afraid.

would upgrading to windows 7 or 10 fix my issue ?...i know my xp is very outdated , all of my audio software i'm running work for xp ...until now.

Well yes, Windows 10 is probably the best choice now. And obviously if you're writing C++ code you'll want Visual Studio.