Can't load new VST in Juce Plugin Host (latest tip)

Hi created a new plugin project with the latest tip (introjucer), and i get these error message, when i tried to load it a in a older version of the Juce-Plugin Host.
Than i switched back to an older juce-version (resaved the plugin-project with introjucer) from 28-MARCH-2012, and it worked!

There must something has changed in the last 10 days, which is causing this problem.

This means: The procedure entry point “CoGetApartmentType” was’t found in “ole32.dll”.

Hmm, that could just possibly be because I added a call to CoGetApartmentType…! Sorry, I assumed it was just an old function, but in fact it seems to only have been added in Win7. I guess I’ll remove it then!

Yes, i am on Vista, i forget to say!

Have checked in a fix now.

thanks, its fixed!