Host can't load VST

After updating from

JUCE 3.02 | xCode 4.3


JUCE 3.08 | xCode 6.1

no host can see my plugin anymore (it compiles fine,  I get no errors and the VST is in the proper plugin folder).

Not sure if this is related to the problem with my VST, but I've tried to compile the audio demo plugin and I get these errors (see attached pic).


Any clue on how to deal with that?



Check you have the latest version of VST SDK?

{Might be an idea to build Introducer, and refresh each of your projects with it, too}

Thanks for that. I've updated the VST SDK and built the Introjucer again.

The audio demo plugin seems to work now  but no luck with my VST plugin. Any ideas?




solved - It seems that after updating xCode some build settings are restored (wrong architecture in my case). 

These things are usually a 32/64 bit difference, or maybe a version of the OSX SDK that's later than whatever the host was built with?