Xcode 5.01 - Maverick - Error: JuceDemoPlugin.vst: no format VST exists

I have no compiling errors but my host (Ableton) can't see any of the juce build plugins anymore. Even the audio plugin demo compiles fine, but the host cant load them. If i load them in max msp I get:

JuceDemoPlugin.vst: no format VST exists

Totally stuck with this.. Any ideas?




XCode 5.01

Maverick 10.9 

Juce 2.1.8

You may want to compile the JUCE audio host that comes with the JUCE distribution. After that you could start it in debug mode with a debugger and set a breakpoint in the host code where the plugin are inserted into the audio graph.

When you now drag&drop your vst plugin into the host, you will land at the breakpoint.  Step ito the pluging process and get a better idea of the error while plugging in.

After that you could post the results to the list and we try to find a solution :-)

thanks a lot for your advice, but I'm finally working again with xcode 4.63

I dont have the time right now to deal with that.